Alberto Fernández Isabel

Alberto Fernández Isabel

PhD in Computer Engineering

I am Alberto Fernández Isabel, researcher by vocation and PhD in Computer Engineering. My speciality is Artificial Intelligence, focusing mainly on Intelligent Agents and Model-Driven Development. My dissertation called “Desarrollo dirigido por modelos para la simulación de tráfico rodado basada en agentes” integrates both concepts. They are used in order to achieve a development framework that allows  generating road traffic simulations from existing theories of the domain. This dissertation has been supported by a set of international publications related to this scope both in specialized journals and conferences.

In this web you can find since a blog where current news related to the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence are published and commented, to information about my professional and academic careers. Moreover, a specific area is provided to introduce the implemented tools developed and their corresponding user guides during my career as a researcher. Read more


I bring my vision, including opinions and reviews of the most interesting developments related to artificial intelligence and computer science in general. In order to do that, it follows a technical and at the same time relaxed approach of the current topic, trying to liven up reading to the users while is expected to initiate a discussion and the exchange of ideas with them. Read more


The texts in Spanish of my End-of-Master´s Project (EMP) and my PhD dissertation are included. The first focuses on explaining the road traffic simulation platform implemented, indicating the most important features of drivers. The second goes a step further explaining the process of designing and implementing a development framework (tools and process guidelines). Read more


They have been achieved in journals and international conferences. All of them are related to artificial intelligence and in particular with the scope of my PhD dissertation. The firsts have been indexed through the Journal Citation Report (JCR) while the seconds have supported the different steps of my research. One of these latter has been rewarded with a Best Paper Award. Read more


They are primarily concerned with the study of road traffic and the behavior of the individuals involved in it. They have been designed and implemented during my PhD and Master’s research. All of them are open to improvements and their source code is provided in order to scientific community or any developer interested, can use them in their projects and researches. Read more

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