Degenerative diseases

As we know, Artificial Intelligence is applicable to many fields of research. One of the most important is the detection of diseases in their initial stages or even without having begun to develop. This favors the implantation of better treatments in order to obtain a better quality of life of the patient and the increase in the possibilities of healing completely eliminating the pathology.


These days it is being news the implantation of a software called Neptune based on an Artificial Intelligence (AI) which is able to control the maritime traffic of the whole globe. This seems like an overstatement, is actually a reality since it controls 71% of the traffic of all existing cruises. Carnival Maritime Coorporation is the visible head of the project, as it is also one of the most important companies in the luxury cruise sector.


Recently it has been a novelty the imminent put on sale (it will be available in October in USA) a robot named Cozmo capable of simulating emotions. It has been developed by people from the giant company Anki. They have provided an integrated artificial intelligence allowing it performing various interactions with users and learning from them autonomously.

Social Intelligence

These days is making headlines the bot based on artificial intelligence that Microsoft has presented to interact with other users via Twitter. This bot uses learning algorithms to improve and expand their notions and topics about to chat thanks to the information it receives in form of messages from users who are part of the scope of its network. His name is Tay (see @TayandYou) and has become viral within hours.

Consciousness creation

A few days ago Matthew Davidson, a researcher at Monash University, has talked about consciousness and the possibilities we have today to create one in artificial way. In the interview that was done he said that for getting this achievement a machine must be able to have a lot of information. But also not only that, but this information must be classified or clearly differentiated and the system must be highly integrated . This means that unlike a traditional machine, which stores information in parts, the new conscious machine should store it as a whole similarly to the way the human brain does. Thus, it can be perfectly distinguished a storage system such as a hard disk from a complex system able to provide information in an integrated manner, classified and summarized.

Virtual composer

It is present these days the premiere of a musical in London calling Beyond the fence. This might seem an inconsequential news is modified when we read that it is the first created by applications that use Artificial Intelligence to achieve it. A group of researchers from several universities, among which are Robert Lloyd and Alex Davies of Cambridge Univeristy, or the Spanish Pablo Gervás. The latter is a professor in Department of Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence at Complutense University of Madrid.