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End-of-Master´s Project

It was created as a final project for the Master of Computer Research featured by Complutense University of Madrid. This work includes the design of a Multi-Agent System (MAS) for simulating the different types of drivers involved in road traffic. This requires a review of the associated literature, identifying the different types of simulations and the most important features of this type of individuals that affect their behaviour. The design was carried out through the tool IDK which is provided by INGENIAS (GRASIA group) while the road traffic simulation platform that makes use of this design has been implemented in Java. This latter provides various types of environments and roads (different cities, secondary roads and highways). The source code of this project can be downloaded on this website in the software section.

pdf End-of-Master´s Project (PDF)

PhD dissertation

Titled “Desarrollo dirigido por modelos para la simulación de tráfico rodado basada en agentes” it has been developed to complete my research, which is based on modeling and simulating the behavior of individuals involved in road traffic. In it a review focused on the different types of existing simulations, the modelling types of individuals and the methods of studying them is performed. Also it delves into development methodologies (agent-based, model-driven or traditionals). The modeling language used and the meta model that describes it, with the tools that build the development framework are introduced. Finally, the guidelines of the process are presented with the different phases that constitute it. The source code of the tools can be downloaded on this website in the sofware section.

pdfPhD Dissertation (PDF)