International publications



These publications have been carried out in open access journals at international level, what implies the language used is English. All of them are focused on the concepts of my research, such as modelling in general, simulating the behaviour of individuals through intelligent agents, or developing Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). This has allowed the validation of the proposals achieved during my research, creating case studies and obtaining feedback from the reviewers. They are also indexed in the Journal Citation Report (JCR) and have an acceptable impact factor, being some of them located in the first quartile of its list of domain. Read more


These publications have been achieved in conferences at international level using English as language. They have served as guidance for my research proposals, where the reviewers have provided some guidelines and necessary improvements. I have also received a Best Paper Award in one of these publications, which validates and strengthens the research carried out in the topic. The scope of all of them is the Artificial Intelligence and they are mainly focused on the development framework implemented for modeling the behaviour of individuals involved in road traffic. Read more